These face masks are a great way to forget about makeup. And with such a design, you will still look attractive and sexy. Now no one can take your eyes off you! 

This is a quality digital solution for your project. You can easily download it right now! This Digital work - Sexy Lips Tongue Embroidery Design - will please you because it was made by a professional designer. Your friends have not seen anything like it yet!

Machine embroidery formats:  


Sizes in inches:

2,0 in, 2,5 in, 3,0 in, 3,5 in, 4,0 in, 4,5 in, 5,0 in, 5,5 in


Sizes in centimeters:

5,1 cm, 6,4 cm7,6 cm8,9 cm10,2 cm11,4 cm12,7 cm14,0 cm

Size fits the larger side of the design.

Full size, for example:

in inches:

3,0  x 2,3
4,0  x 3,1
5,0  x 3,8 

in centimeters:

7,6  x 5,8
10,2  x 7,9 
12,7  x 9,7 

Thread color chart image included!

A link will be sent to you to download your order as soon as your payment is confirmed.

Before embroidery: Always make a test before sewing on the final material. Please use a stabilizer, to make better quality embroidery. The end result depends on your machine setup, the fabric, thread quality, and tension.

Enjoy your Embroidery!

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Machine Embroidery Design Sexy Lips Tongue

  • $1.95

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