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Site owner: Eugene Stakhoff

Location: Ukraine, Ternopil, 46018

E-mail: support@embroides.com

Telephone: +380985668648

Here you can find designs for machine embroidery, download them and use them to embroider on fabrics and various products.

We have been working in the field of machine embroidery for many years. Previously, we were directly involved in embroidery on fabrics and various objects. We created designs and embroidered them ourselves. The embroidery itself takes a lot of time, but people wanted more and more creativity from us. Therefore, we focused on creating designs for machine embroidery. All our projects are unique, and you cannot find them anywhere except on our site. If you see someone distributing our embroidery design, let us know as this is a violation of our copyrights. In addition, if you want to get a special embroidery design for your project, write to us and we can help you!