Here you can see designs for kids.

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Image Free Embroidery Designs 101 Dalmatians

101 Dalmatians 72 pcs Free

Free download embroidery designs 101 Dalmatians 72 pcs. You can use these machine embroidery designs..


Image Free Embroidery Designs Cartoon Animals

Cartoon Animals Free Embroidery Designs 8 pcs

Free download Cartoon Animals 10 pcs! Embroider elephant, lions, seagull, gorilla, giraffe, penguins..


Image Chest Minecraft Embroidery Design

Chest Minecraft Embroidery Design

The Chest is a block from the game Minecraft. It can be used to store items. It can also be used in ..


Minecraft Creeper Embroidery Design Image

Creeper Embroidery Design

Creeper is a monster from the game Minecraft. His body was made by mistake when creating another cre..


Image Minecraft Creeper Face Embroidery Design

Creeper Face Minecraft Embroidery Design

Creeper is a mob from the computer game Minecraft. His face became a symbol of this game because he ..


Image Crown virus Embroidery Design

Crown Virus Embroidery Design

Coronavirus brutally cracking down on people and the economy of planet Earth! What is this creation ..


Image Cute Dinosaur Embroidery Design

Cute Dinosaur Embroidery Design

Why do children love dinosaurs? Maybe because they are like animals from a fairy tale? And if the di..


Image Сute Elephant Applique Embroidery Designs

Cute Elephant Applique Embroidery Designs

Cute elephant with a raised trunk. He sits and waits for someone to play with him.Machine embroidery..


Cute Fox Embroidery Design Image

Cute Fox Embroidery Design

In China, the fox has become a universally recognized sign of longevity. Where there is no fox, the ..


Image Diamond Minecraft Embroidery Design

Diamond Minecraft Embroidery Design

Diamond is the most valuable resource from the Minecraft game before Netherit. It is a quite rare un..


Image Disney Cars Free Embroidery Designs

Disney Cars 64 pcs

Free download embroidery designs 101 Dalmatians 72 pcs. Embroider Lightning McQueen, King, Lizzie, F..


Image Free Embroidery Designs Doraemon Cat and others

Doraemon Cat Free Embroidery Designs 33 pcs

Free embroider Doraemon and other Doraemon the Movie: Nobita and The Space Heroes. You can use ..


Image Elephant Blue Boy Embroidery Design

Elephant Blue Boy Embroidery Design

In Buddhism, the elephant symbolizes stability and spiritual knowledge, is also revered as a sacred ..


Image Elephant Cute Embroidery Design

Elephant Cute Pink Embroidery Design

In India, the elephant is still considered a sacred animal. It symbolizes sacred wisdom, royal digni..


Image Elephant Glad Embroidery Design

Elephant Glad Embroidery Design

The elephant symbolizes strength, wisdom, and prudence. In India and Africa, the elephant is a symbo..


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